Monday, March 30, 2009

My LAST 21st Birthday Party!!!

for my final birthday party i invited a bunch of people to come to buffalo wild wings in murrieta for some dinner and kareoke. can we just talk about the highlight of the night:

many thanks to my fab brother-in-law (he's my fav b-i-l, i call him bill for short) for making the evening so amazing for everyone!!!! i'll post more pictures/videos/stories later!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

KEN AND TRIS-- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! (sorry i'm late!!)

(remember to read this in my voice.)
to my beloved older brother,
thank you for marrying a woman who is sweet, caring, and can handle our family. i was worried for the greater part of my life that you might not do well with choosing a wife. i have been proven wrong. when you were on your mission, i would scout girls out that i thought might be willing to fling themselves at you. the flinging didn't seem to blow over very well. i'm glad that you still had the guts to ask this one out even after mom created a humiliating and thoroughly awkward situation. more than that, i'm glad that she accepted after being put in that situation by a total stranger. more than THAT, i'm glad you created 2 1/2+ beautiful/adorable children for me to rough-house with and love. congrats!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birthday #s 1-2

i'm having like 12 birthday celebrations.... okay, i guess that's a slight exaggeration. rachel sent me a birthday present every day of the week the week of my birthday so each of those days could count as a little party. on friday, we had an office lunch party where we went out to Shogun for some delicious japanese cuisine which was celebration #1. on saturday, brandon took me to mimi's cafe (my favorite local breakfast food place) and then i went to john blocker/ brittney lebaron's wedding. saturday NIGHT we met at brittni's house (we being me, brandon, brittini, mike, kristin f., kellee and tommy s., and kendall and brennan d.) and then drove up to the drive-in theatre in riverside. we watched the double feature of race to witch mountain and confessions of a shopaholic. it was SO MUCH fun... anyone who hasn't already indulged should.

from left to right: brennan d., brandon, me (evidently feasting on kendall's ear), kendall d.

brandon and i (he kind of looks stoned, hahaha)

tommy, kellee, kendall, brennan, brandon, me, brittini, mike, kristin.

thanks to ALL who came and for the awesome birthday wishes!!! it was an AMAZING 21st birthday!!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

"Touch Base"

Disclaimer: this blog is not to offend anyone that uses this phrase.

i generally deal with the incoming emails for our office and today i got an email from someone who is trying to get us to refer his company to our clients for a Debt Counseling service. i talked to him on the phone then had him email information (friday) about the services provided so that i could look into it and see if it fit our needs. he emailed me AGAIN today saying that he just wanted to "touch base".... what he was REALLY saying is "this is me nagging you to use our company. why can people just say "i just want to nag you to see if you're going to do this." touch base is when a batter has hit the ball and he has run like the dickens to that stuffed bag in order to make physical contact with it prior to an opposing player the batter out!!!!! A good example of touching base:

Newest pet peeve.


Thank you EVERYONE for the happy birthday wishes... I had an AWESOME birthday week/weekend... I will post more info and pictures later (i have to get them from kristin, hahahaha) but for now, thanks to all!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


**DISCLAIMER: i am highly uninterested in making simple grammatical efforts so ignore the poor grammatical quality of any posts i compose. thank you.
As previously mentioned, brittini and i went and visited mike this weekend in arizona. we left friday after work and got there at like 1:30 am. on saturday, we woke up and headed out to the Ostrich Festival in Chandler, AZ with mike's friend marissa. we watched 4 different kinds of races: ostrich, emu, camel, and chicken. it was pretty rad. as a special treat, brittini and i got to ride a CAMEL!!!!!!! for those of you who aren't aware, camels are my favorite animal so i was particularly stoked. they were just so cute and they always looked like they were smiling! i was loving it. anyway, it was LOADS of fun. i highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quick weekend vacation in march next year.

view from the top on the car ride home

My pensive driving face.

the camel ride that completes my life.

The psychopathic take on 'now make a funny face'.

i was driving so i couldn't look.

Dirty Public Restrooms

Brittini and i went to visit michael in arizona last weekend. (more on that later). prior to departure, we stopped at a wendy's to get some grub. britt and i decided it would be a wise choice to use the restroom at this point. honesty is always appreciated....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Picture Practice

So I’m practicing putting pictures on my blog, so this post will be about an event that happened a while ago (September 2008). Brittini and I went to Legoland in Carlsbad because we got free passes to go. It was Star Wars day, so it was particularly fun as I LOVE STAR WARS!!!! We bought $5 little boy Star Wars shirts at Wal*Mart prior to leaving and sported those. Now, Legoland as a theme park isn’t that cool… but the creations were AMAZING!!! That was the best part aside from the crazy costumes that some people wore. Anyway, enjoy my photojournalism….


A precious penguin.

Lincoln Memorial. ENTIRELY out of Legos.

I put this one up for Ken and Tris...

An excellent picture of Brittini and I... Luckily no one had to sit behind us.

Brittini, C3PO and R2D2. BFF, naturally.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Why blog? My sister AND sister-in-law both religiously blog. I don't think I have anything incredibly interesting to say but that isn't why I've started a blog.

One day my dad and I were at Best Buy for some reason or another and he decided to go look at cameras. He wanted to get my sister-in-law a new camera because hers had broken and it was affecting her blogging capabilities, much to her dismay. So, he purchased a beautiful Nikon D60. I asked him, "Dad, when do I get MY camera?" and he said, "When you blog as diligently as Tristen."

Okay, Dad, I give you 3 months.......

Welcome to my life, all.