Tuesday, March 17, 2009


**DISCLAIMER: i am highly uninterested in making simple grammatical efforts so ignore the poor grammatical quality of any posts i compose. thank you.
As previously mentioned, brittini and i went and visited mike this weekend in arizona. we left friday after work and got there at like 1:30 am. on saturday, we woke up and headed out to the Ostrich Festival in Chandler, AZ with mike's friend marissa. we watched 4 different kinds of races: ostrich, emu, camel, and chicken. it was pretty rad. as a special treat, brittini and i got to ride a CAMEL!!!!!!! for those of you who aren't aware, camels are my favorite animal so i was particularly stoked. they were just so cute and they always looked like they were smiling! i was loving it. anyway, it was LOADS of fun. i highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quick weekend vacation in march next year.

view from the top on the car ride home

My pensive driving face.

the camel ride that completes my life.

The psychopathic take on 'now make a funny face'.

i was driving so i couldn't look.

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  1. The top picture is darling. Is that a vest I see? |V|?
    Also, the pensive face is like unto the "she speaks" face of Mr. Collins.