Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birthday #s 1-2

i'm having like 12 birthday celebrations.... okay, i guess that's a slight exaggeration. rachel sent me a birthday present every day of the week the week of my birthday so each of those days could count as a little party. on friday, we had an office lunch party where we went out to Shogun for some delicious japanese cuisine which was celebration #1. on saturday, brandon took me to mimi's cafe (my favorite local breakfast food place) and then i went to john blocker/ brittney lebaron's wedding. saturday NIGHT we met at brittni's house (we being me, brandon, brittini, mike, kristin f., kellee and tommy s., and kendall and brennan d.) and then drove up to the drive-in theatre in riverside. we watched the double feature of race to witch mountain and confessions of a shopaholic. it was SO MUCH fun... anyone who hasn't already indulged should.

from left to right: brennan d., brandon, me (evidently feasting on kendall's ear), kendall d.

brandon and i (he kind of looks stoned, hahaha)

tommy, kellee, kendall, brennan, brandon, me, brittini, mike, kristin.

thanks to ALL who came and for the awesome birthday wishes!!! it was an AMAZING 21st birthday!!!!!


  1. It isn't fully a birthday unless Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson is involved.