Friday, March 27, 2009

KEN AND TRIS-- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! (sorry i'm late!!)

(remember to read this in my voice.)
to my beloved older brother,
thank you for marrying a woman who is sweet, caring, and can handle our family. i was worried for the greater part of my life that you might not do well with choosing a wife. i have been proven wrong. when you were on your mission, i would scout girls out that i thought might be willing to fling themselves at you. the flinging didn't seem to blow over very well. i'm glad that you still had the guts to ask this one out even after mom created a humiliating and thoroughly awkward situation. more than that, i'm glad that she accepted after being put in that situation by a total stranger. more than THAT, i'm glad you created 2 1/2+ beautiful/adorable children for me to rough-house with and love. congrats!


  1. Stacy, you are way too sweet and generous to me. Of course I can "handle" the family! You guys are nothing but kind to me and that's all that a sister-in-law could ever want! It's crazy how you can marry into a family that basically you have hardly met and soon enough you start to love the family like your own family, it's a marriage miracle I guess. Thanks for the sweet post and for remembering our anniversary!

  2. The awkward-moment-with-mom makes a great "how we met" story, so it was totally worth it.