Monday, March 23, 2009

"Touch Base"

Disclaimer: this blog is not to offend anyone that uses this phrase.

i generally deal with the incoming emails for our office and today i got an email from someone who is trying to get us to refer his company to our clients for a Debt Counseling service. i talked to him on the phone then had him email information (friday) about the services provided so that i could look into it and see if it fit our needs. he emailed me AGAIN today saying that he just wanted to "touch base".... what he was REALLY saying is "this is me nagging you to use our company. why can people just say "i just want to nag you to see if you're going to do this." touch base is when a batter has hit the ball and he has run like the dickens to that stuffed bag in order to make physical contact with it prior to an opposing player the batter out!!!!! A good example of touching base:

Newest pet peeve.