Monday, April 13, 2009


My nephew corban just turned the big oh-one today!!! since it would be rude to only list one thing that i love about him, i will list 10:
1. when he was a few months younger, avery would come over to him and he would tense all of his muscles and close his eyes really tight as if to brace himself from whatever may happen.
2. when he walks, he does this sort of godzilla thing where he raises his arms high above his head i THINK to keep his balance.
3. he is ALSO learning sign language just like me. now, my niece and both my nephews are signing babies!!!!
4. he is just so small and precious
5. he enjoys licking the dog.
6. he eats sand, a mutual favorite.
7. he reminds me of my Grampa Henry, whom i miss dearly.
8. he has blonde hair which is a first in our fam (besides when ken and tris first got married- her hair was blonde then but they don't know what color it is naturally now.)
9. he gets distracted by everything, liken unto his aunt stacy
10. he is now one whole year old!!!!


  1. He is a cute little poop stain. Happy birthday, little man!

  2. Great description of the little man! Funny that he reminds you of Grandpa.