Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Kendall is my fellow co-worker and just turned 21 today! i continue to love birthdays so this blog entry is to celebrate 21 reasons why i love kendie:
1. she relieves a lot of stress at work.
2. she's SO FUNNY!
3. she's got a rockin personality... usually pretty girls don't have good personalities because they were always able to rely on their looks. this did not happen with kennie d.
4. she's likes to camp/hike
5. she's into the buddy system liken unto myself
6. occasionally she'll make me do homework or go to class
7. she doesn't judge me for my eternal love for chick-fil-a
8. she does the 'soft s' voice that i just love.
9. she comes up with the greatest nicknames (i am stacers)
10. we plan lots of vacations that we will only be able to embark on after one of us quits.
11. She draws me pictures
12. she laughs with me when no one else is laughing. the other day i said 'shoot!' (as in darn) and greg said 'bang!' and i died of laughter and kendie came with.
13. i can always count on her, kareoke-wise.
14. i can tell her anything
15. she generally has a hilarious story to tell
16. she knows my seinfeld references
17. i can always ask her if there is anything in my teeth
18. she sings the beauty and the beast songs to me in this fab voice that i highly recommend.
19. she loves 80's music liken unto myself
20. she cuddles with me when i need some extra body heat
21. she didn't make fun of me for having a birthday MONTH!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kennie D!!!! I'm SO GLAD we get to spend so much time together!!!!