Friday, May 22, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane....

I'M GOING TO SOUTH AFRICA IN JANUARY 2010!!!! i am so so so so excited! i'm going with my friend Nate and we're going on a safari, tubing, hiking, camping, shopping, beaching, etc. etc. etc. nate went there for his mission and lived there for two years so i'm going to venture say he's pretty stoked, as well. more details to come as nate writes up a potential itinerary. YAAAAAY for me!!! this is my graduation present to myself... i'm a GREAT gift giver, aren't i?!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my criminal aunt renee

my aunt renee got in a bike accident a few weeks ago in montecito, CA (for those of you who are uncultured, that's where oprah and other rich people live). she got some pretty good looking wounds, so i suggested that we tell people that she got into a bar fight. when they comment on how crazy her wounds are, we say, "you should see the other guy!!!!" my aunt is VERY VERY tough, so this is a likely story. here is my aunt post-bar fight:

she's totally alright now... she doesn't have to wear her neck brace anymore. of course as soon as she got out of the hospital she hopped RIGHT back on her bike and has ridden over 500 miles within the month she's been out!!!!! she's AMAZING!!! she looks GREAT now:


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It's true.

i consider myself to be progressive... why? because i notice that vending machines use the most poor technology to do something incredibly basic. last night during the most boring class on the planet (political science, professor edgerton, age 354123 years and counting), i went to get a water bottle from the vending machine. after putting in a dollar bill (it was $1.25 for water, RIDIC!!!), i attempt to put in the extra quarter to get my ever so desired beverage. i literally put in 12 DIFFERENT QUARTERS (yes, i counted... and yes, i have that many quarters on had) before the machine finally accepted one of my quarters as legitimate US currency!!!! by the time i had gotten it, i was so dang parched i thought i might drink someone's blood. so, i would like to see our society go from the prehistoric pictured above, to perhaps a more progressive and technologically appropriate machine, pictured below.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Back To School

so generally when it comes to school what happens is i hate it during the semester but then go on break. during the break, i think, "what was i talking about?! i LOVE school!" then i start school again and dislike it. the good thing is despite the fact that i dislike it, i have a 3.75 gpa which means i can probably get into UCR, and that's delightful. THIS semester is different though and i'll tell you why"

mondays- honors Shakespeare

-this class will be cool because brittini will take it with me!!! additionally, i love to read.

mondays/wednesdays- ASL 4.

- i'm super scared to take this class. it will be mostly impossible.

tuesdays/thursdays- math (vomit)

-i hate math, but kendall has agreed to take it with me so that will make it so much more bearable!

fridays- honors environmental science 102

- i had this professor for my 101 class and he is REALLY good looking.

so there it is. i think that this next semester will kick my butt as it has been doing every other semester. it is HARD to do both full time work and school!!!! my hat is off to people who do it and love it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Decisions, Decisions...

i have to decide how to spend my bonus (one of three ways):
1. wisdom teeth extraction. i should have done it in high school but evidently no one was in a hurry until i didn't have dental insurance. lovely. at least i only have two (on on the bottom of each side.)
2. car maintenance. i need to get an oil change but in addition to that, my roters (is that how you spell it?) have been seeking attention through unruly and untrustworthy noises.
3. cyst draining. i have two cysts... one in my foot right where cute shoes sit and rub (Carl) and the other in my knee right above my knee cap where people like to squeeze to give horse bites (Dolores). the fluid in them is pink, in case anyone has eaten already.

thoughts? votes? vomit?