Friday, May 15, 2009

Back To School

so generally when it comes to school what happens is i hate it during the semester but then go on break. during the break, i think, "what was i talking about?! i LOVE school!" then i start school again and dislike it. the good thing is despite the fact that i dislike it, i have a 3.75 gpa which means i can probably get into UCR, and that's delightful. THIS semester is different though and i'll tell you why"

mondays- honors Shakespeare

-this class will be cool because brittini will take it with me!!! additionally, i love to read.

mondays/wednesdays- ASL 4.

- i'm super scared to take this class. it will be mostly impossible.

tuesdays/thursdays- math (vomit)

-i hate math, but kendall has agreed to take it with me so that will make it so much more bearable!

fridays- honors environmental science 102

- i had this professor for my 101 class and he is REALLY good looking.

so there it is. i think that this next semester will kick my butt as it has been doing every other semester. it is HARD to do both full time work and school!!!! my hat is off to people who do it and love it.

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  1. way to go stacy! It's hard, but as long as your teachers arent nuts, you'll be fine. I personally am anxiously counting down to finals...pretty much by the minte