Friday, May 8, 2009

Decisions, Decisions...

i have to decide how to spend my bonus (one of three ways):
1. wisdom teeth extraction. i should have done it in high school but evidently no one was in a hurry until i didn't have dental insurance. lovely. at least i only have two (on on the bottom of each side.)
2. car maintenance. i need to get an oil change but in addition to that, my roters (is that how you spell it?) have been seeking attention through unruly and untrustworthy noises.
3. cyst draining. i have two cysts... one in my foot right where cute shoes sit and rub (Carl) and the other in my knee right above my knee cap where people like to squeeze to give horse bites (Dolores). the fluid in them is pink, in case anyone has eaten already.

thoughts? votes? vomit?


  1. Blah! We have three thousand worth of dental work to do for Ken's teeth also, and every time we have any extra money we have to consider his dental work. I would say start with the cysts and then the car if possible. As long as the teeth aren't pushing the rest of your teeth around, you might have some time!! :)

  2. car. car's always seem to get MORE expensive when things are fixed. ugh.

  3. you can't get rid of our twinsie cysts on our footies

  4. hahahaha, out twinsie cysts! that's right. i figure i'll do the car because if my cysts rupture or my wisdom teeth errupt requiring me to rush to the emergency room, i'll need a reliable car to get me there, right? plus i can do 'care credit' for my wissie teeth. and lauren's hooking me up.

  5. anything but wisdom teeth. I had FIVE and got them all out at the same time. 3 impacted. It was most unpleasant. Plus I was 25 yrs old. I begged Danny not to go on a mission (he'd been home for over a year). On second thought... do the wisdom teeth... I have stories that will be with me for the rest of my life.
    SO WHAT if i'm late to the party and commenting on a post that's like.. 2 months old! I just found you via mi madre's site;)