Friday, May 22, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane....

I'M GOING TO SOUTH AFRICA IN JANUARY 2010!!!! i am so so so so excited! i'm going with my friend Nate and we're going on a safari, tubing, hiking, camping, shopping, beaching, etc. etc. etc. nate went there for his mission and lived there for two years so i'm going to venture say he's pretty stoked, as well. more details to come as nate writes up a potential itinerary. YAAAAAY for me!!! this is my graduation present to myself... i'm a GREAT gift giver, aren't i?!


  1. Wow...For my vacation I am painting the kitchen.

  2. bummer!!! might i suggest perhaps a trip to el torrito for some food poisoning to REALLY get your vacation going?