Monday, July 20, 2009

always a bridesmaid, never a bride

this movie (27 dresses) may prove to be semi-biographical for me... i have been in/ will be in lots of weddings! a quick list of the one's i have been honored to participate in:
1. tristen (my sister-in-law) - 2005
2. rachel (my sister) - 2005
3. danielle (friend from high school) - 2008
4. amanda (friend from h.s.) - 2009
5. emily (friend from my grossmont ward) - TBD
6. alex (friend from h.s.) - 2010
7. melissa (friend from h.s. and church) - 2010
8. shalene (friend since 6th grade) - 2011
what can i say? i have great friends!!!! :D

Thursday, July 16, 2009

4th of july

so i apologize that my posts are not always in order of their occurrence... but in my defense, i don't have a functioning camera so i always have to depend on other people to get me pictures, which a lot of times gets forgotten so i end up just not posting about it or posting about it at obscure times. anyway, i spent 4th of july in the bay area with my brother, sister-in-law, and niece and nephew. i must say again, i LOOOOOVE being an aunt!!!! hearing avery call me "aunt saysee" made my heart melt over and over again! anyway, nate flew from san diego and met me at the airport, so we both got to hang out with the gang. it was a ton of fun! anyway, the first day we went to golden gate park then went to another park and flew a kite. SO FUN! anyway, the next day (the fourth!!!) we went to the marina where the fireworks were going to happen. there was a Cajun music concert occurring when we got there: i must say, the only thing better than ONE washboard player is TWO washboard players!!! tristen made a funny comment about women yammering on and men pretending to listen whilst they do something else, but i insist that nate just LOVES to hear me speak:
here is a really excellent depiction of mine and nate's friendship:

corban and avery played on the modern art:

all in all it was a REALLY fun night! we finished the night off with fireworks. avery and corban LOVED them! (i love this picture of the family):
Thanks to ken and tris for a REALLY awesome fourth of july!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


this past week, one of my besties going waaaaaaaaay back to roughly forever ago got married (she and i are pictured above). she got married on friday july 10th in the san diego temple, then had a little lunch-in at el torito immediately afterwards. on saturday evening, she had her reception. she looked SO beautiful! it was really fun because i actually made really good friends with all of the brides maids... but i'm getting ahead of myself. FIRST, on wednesday night, we had a 'bachelorette party'. some pictures from the festivities:

all the single ladies [well, some of us are single, hahaha]:

kind of hard to see, but kristin f., claire, kristin d. (bridesmaid), megan (maid of honor), lynette, amanda (bachelorette on the loose), tricia (bridesmaid), rachel, alyssa (bridesmaid), me (bridesmaid), kendall. i kept this picture small because i look asian. no one needs to see that.
We had her open her presents at bj's (where we went for dinner). she was pretty embarrassed, it was AWESOME! she got some pretty cute stuff:
and some not so cute stuff:
we laughed for a good amount of time at that one (above). Then we went back to my house and had a "passion party" which is basically a Tupperware party for 'intimacy products'. it was SO fun! we definitely had a blushing bride on our hands.
i am SO excited for ryan and amanda's life together! their wedding and reception were beautiful and they seem SO happy together!!! congrats to them both!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

my precious niece

this past weekend i spent in berkeley with my brother and sister-in-law and their two awesome kids... i love being an aunt!!!! it's my favorite job ever! one "avery quote" highlight:
in order to prepare her for the potentially scary firework experience, we were previewing some firework shows on youtube. among them, we watched a disneyland firework show where tinkerbell flies across the sky on a zipline and then the fireworks start behind the castle. well after avery soaked all of this visual stimulation in, she called out, panicked, "TINKER BELL IS BLOWING UP THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!"


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

thank you to steph...

stephanie told me about this website where you can get fairly cheap, but very cute prescription glasses online...

check it out!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

it's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

i LOVE july!!! i know everyone finds this to be weird, but i like 4th of july more than christmas!!! i don't really know why! such is not the only reason july is one of my favorite months:


The wild animal park does this WONDERFUL thing where they have mechanical dinos and it talks about all different species. i LOVE it!!! for some reason, dinosaurs have always interested me. maybe i was meant to be a paleontologist....? if you haven't been before, i recommend. it goes until september. i will accompany anyone who's interested!!!

I LOOOOOOOVE fireworks! i love the cooked processed foods, bonfires, patriotism, colors, and music of the independence day holiday. addish, we get a day off of work!

3. one paystub!
At work we have to get 6 months of paystubs from clients. getting clients to provide this information can be like pulling teeth. in the month of july, it is the ONLY month we need one paystub, and one paystub only. if the client's have year to date on their paystubs, we only need june. this is a delight.

i just love july!!! i think it's definitely something worth celebrating!