Thursday, July 16, 2009

4th of july

so i apologize that my posts are not always in order of their occurrence... but in my defense, i don't have a functioning camera so i always have to depend on other people to get me pictures, which a lot of times gets forgotten so i end up just not posting about it or posting about it at obscure times. anyway, i spent 4th of july in the bay area with my brother, sister-in-law, and niece and nephew. i must say again, i LOOOOOVE being an aunt!!!! hearing avery call me "aunt saysee" made my heart melt over and over again! anyway, nate flew from san diego and met me at the airport, so we both got to hang out with the gang. it was a ton of fun! anyway, the first day we went to golden gate park then went to another park and flew a kite. SO FUN! anyway, the next day (the fourth!!!) we went to the marina where the fireworks were going to happen. there was a Cajun music concert occurring when we got there: i must say, the only thing better than ONE washboard player is TWO washboard players!!! tristen made a funny comment about women yammering on and men pretending to listen whilst they do something else, but i insist that nate just LOVES to hear me speak:
here is a really excellent depiction of mine and nate's friendship:

corban and avery played on the modern art:

all in all it was a REALLY fun night! we finished the night off with fireworks. avery and corban LOVED them! (i love this picture of the family):
Thanks to ken and tris for a REALLY awesome fourth of july!!!!


  1. Tristen REALLY said that Stacy and Nate were secretly dating. Can anyone confirm or deny?

  2. deNY!!!!!!!!!!!! i would have cut nate's testicles off long ago if i ever dated him. we do not get along in the dating sense.

  3. addish, i date jerks exclusively ;)

    (for those of you who aren't rachel and don't understand, please disregard this comment and don't be concerned)

  4. Thanks for the extreme imagery.