Monday, July 20, 2009

always a bridesmaid, never a bride

this movie (27 dresses) may prove to be semi-biographical for me... i have been in/ will be in lots of weddings! a quick list of the one's i have been honored to participate in:
1. tristen (my sister-in-law) - 2005
2. rachel (my sister) - 2005
3. danielle (friend from high school) - 2008
4. amanda (friend from h.s.) - 2009
5. emily (friend from my grossmont ward) - TBD
6. alex (friend from h.s.) - 2010
7. melissa (friend from h.s. and church) - 2010
8. shalene (friend since 6th grade) - 2011
what can i say? i have great friends!!!! :D


  1. The good thing is that you can just shorten the dresses and wear them again.

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  3. this was me too... but FYI... it's not like the movies... they DONT all show up at your wedding! ;) they're either pregnant, don't have the $$ and/or live far away... blahblah. lame! At least the one's your related too have more of an obligation;)

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA... greeeeeat. so i won't even get anything outta this ;-)

    i should make a scrapbook of all the weddings i'm in...

  5. I LOVE this movie, kinda makes me sad now that I think about it though.