Monday, July 13, 2009


this past week, one of my besties going waaaaaaaaay back to roughly forever ago got married (she and i are pictured above). she got married on friday july 10th in the san diego temple, then had a little lunch-in at el torito immediately afterwards. on saturday evening, she had her reception. she looked SO beautiful! it was really fun because i actually made really good friends with all of the brides maids... but i'm getting ahead of myself. FIRST, on wednesday night, we had a 'bachelorette party'. some pictures from the festivities:

all the single ladies [well, some of us are single, hahaha]:

kind of hard to see, but kristin f., claire, kristin d. (bridesmaid), megan (maid of honor), lynette, amanda (bachelorette on the loose), tricia (bridesmaid), rachel, alyssa (bridesmaid), me (bridesmaid), kendall. i kept this picture small because i look asian. no one needs to see that.
We had her open her presents at bj's (where we went for dinner). she was pretty embarrassed, it was AWESOME! she got some pretty cute stuff:
and some not so cute stuff:
we laughed for a good amount of time at that one (above). Then we went back to my house and had a "passion party" which is basically a Tupperware party for 'intimacy products'. it was SO fun! we definitely had a blushing bride on our hands.
i am SO excited for ryan and amanda's life together! their wedding and reception were beautiful and they seem SO happy together!!! congrats to them both!


  1. I know that little black number was from your personal stash of plus size panties. Classy.

    I love your white top in the first picture.