Friday, August 14, 2009

Wild Animal Park!!!

so i FINALLY got to go to the Wild Animal Park (WAP) and go through dino mountain yesterday. needless to say, i was NOT disappointed! i went with rachel and charlie, and my friend kelly. when we FIRST got into the dino mountain portion of it, charlie would NOT let his mommy go because he was TERRIFIED. after a little bit of time and with much coaxing, rachel got him to calm down and enjoy himself:

rach and i took a picture with this massive bird dino thing...
okay... after the dinos we went on the little tram ride which was pretty fun! below is brittini and i in animal form... i'll give you a hint, we're NOT the giraffes:
That's right! those two female rhinos have been best friends for 30 of their 45 years. that will totally be us some day.

kelly and i on the tram
rachel and charlie fed the ducks... charlie LOVED throwing the food out... the ducks must have liked it too... they came RIGHT up to them and ate out of their hands!

this picture is one of my favorites from the trip... charlie was pointing at the baby giraffe. SO cute! as usual, i LOVE being an aunt....


  1. Can we move from the WAP someday and be rhinos on the side of the 15 freeway?

  2. sweet, i made it onto your blog! your sister and nephew are awesome.

    best. park. ever.

  3. I like the last picture. And seeing rhinos on the side of the 15 freeway. And Kelly.

  4. i like your face... it's really you.