Monday, September 21, 2009


24 things i love about my sissy
1. our twin language
2. she's hysterical
3. the douche bag face
4. her updating on various reality stars' relationships
5. she talks me into making purchases
6. she is my college cheer-leader
7. charlie. need i say more?
8. she is very protective of me. she loves to make enemies out of randome people who mistreat me.
9. inside jokes.
10. she is my only sissy
11. she does my laundry for free when i bring it down to her
12. she loves bones like me.
13. she introduced me to twilight-- a TOTAL guilty pleasure
14. she likes to husband shop for me
15. she doesn't mind making huge deals out of birthdays.
16. she makes baked goods and coherces her husband into giving them to me
17. she loves beyonce.
18. when she finds a great sale or a cute item, she gets it for me
19. we have matching doc martins
20. we still have sleepovers
21. sometimes i'll be sitting doing something and i'll randomly think of something involving her and break out into hysterics whilst everyone backs away... slowly.
22. she helps me do homework sometimes
22 1/2. most of my essays are named by her.
22 3/4. she composes the majority of my topic sentences.
23. the "im not gay" dance.
24. SHE'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!


  1. 13. she introduced me to twilight-- a TOTAL guilty pleasure

    thats what i like to hear!

  2. hahaha, i forgot about the dance (#23) and i am always laughing about things randomly (#21) between us. and (#12) i introduced you to bones too!!!