Tuesday, September 8, 2009

working with besties...

i am SO lucky to work with people i totally love!!! a couple of weeks ago, two of my best friends and i went to a rodeo in Norco... it was SO fun!!!!!!! something about a human being launched off of the back of an angry animal and then almost killed/trampled REALLY gets me excited!!! (perhaps it's the redneck in me? thanks to gramp henry for that okie blood, hahaha!) anyway, i went with kendall and brittini and we got some SWEET pictures!!!

First we sat in the car in traffic for AN HOUR after taking our exit! less than a mile! so we made the best of it by taking some crazy pictures:

kendall and i call this one our car "myspace picture".

then we went to a liquor store and took a picture with the statue out front...

here's from at the actual rodeo:
kendall's nephews with the rodeo clown. he was pretty funny... he blew lots of stuff up. (p.s. are kendall's nephews not the CUTEST?!?!?!?!?!?!?!)

ode to beer... we were meaning to take a picture of our cowboy boots and there were so many beer cups around that it only made sense to include one in our picture.

in front of the arena

all in all, i HIGHLY recommend rodeos! it is just so much fun! thanks to kendall and family for letting brittini and i crash!

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