Friday, October 30, 2009


so my latest environmental science engagement was a whale watching trip... let me tell you, if you've never been, DO IT!!! it was so fun and exciting. addish, when one sees a whale, they get to bellow, "WHALE HO!!!" at the top of their lungs... what more could one want?! anyway, lauren s. came with me. here are some sweet pictures of our trip. (sorry about the lack of photos of whales, my camera broke before i could get any!)

the BEAUTIFUL ocean

Sea Lions.

My lover and i enjoying some snacks.

the bunch minus stacey and her rad friend dyllan.

"The Stac(e)ys"
james, stacy, stacey.
james is an honorary staci.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


whenever i'm having conversations with people from high school and they ask, "so are you still living with your parents?" i very PROUDLY exclaim that i haven't lived with my parents since high school and will likely never live with them again. this usually is followed by the obligatory question, "why, you don't like your parents?" to which i explain, "no, i love my parents. but i don't do rules." this is usually followed up by a monologue of how i was just SOOOO ready for my independence and ready to be on my own and out of the house and how much i love being independent from my parents. what i usually fail to remember is how my mom has packed lunches for me to take on my school field trips, my dad fixes my computer on a regular basis, my mom took my car in today and waited for the smog check because i didn't have time, my dad takes me out to lunch at least twice a month, my mom took my books to the post office to mail off after i resold them, my dad on countless occasions has loaned me this gadget and that gadget....... the list goes on and on! so, yes, i still maintain that i am completely, undoubtedly, and entirely independent.... but i couldn't do it without my parents.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

promotion pending...

my sister is having another baby!!!!!!! the child's name is squirt until we know a gender/real name. charlie's was tater tot, so i think squirt isn't so bad. anyway, they are SOOOO excited and due about mid-may. YAAAAAAAY for me!!!!! (and them, i guess ;) )

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

funny friends

brittini always says the funniest things. seriously, she is one of the most hysterical people i know!!! a comment she made recently:

"i think the only way you can really tell if you're attracted to someone is if you see them in 3D glasses so you might as well get that out of the way."


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


i'm sooooooo excited for halloween this year because i'm having a huge halloween party at my house! i'm MORE excited for the fact that i came up with an awesome costume that i'm sooooo excited for. i'm going to be CARMEN SAN DIEGO!!!!!!! i know, i know, SO rad! i'm looking to recruit someone:

brilliant!!!! (i'm hoping to recruit my brother spencer... everyone send him encouraging vibes.)

Monday, October 5, 2009

my first time

Officer: license and registration?
))i hand them to him((
officer: i pulled you over for two reasons: for one, your speed, and for two, your registration tags are expired.
stacy: yeah, my tag got stolen off my car, i've been waiting for the DMV to send me my new ones. (show him proof of current registration)
officer: do you have any idea how fast you were going.
stacy: 79 miles per hour?
officer: yeah, i clocked you at 80 the first time then 83 the second time. i'll be right back.
))he disappears behind his crazy bright lights((
officer: okay, sign here please. i'm writing you a fix-it ticket for your expired registration tags...
stacy: even though i have proof of registration? (NOTE: said VERY respectfully, legitimately asking a question.)
officer: look, this is called me giving you a deal... you can take this fix it ticket which will be around 25 dollars, or you can take the speeding ticket which will be between 300-500 dollars which do you want?!?!?!?!?! (VERY abrasively)
stacy: thank-you.
officer: (still abrasive) i'm ASKING you!!!! which do you want?!?!?! huh?!?!?! HUH!?!?!
stacy: thank-you.
officer: because this is a really good deal you're getting.
stacy: thank-you.
officer: because i could just scratch the fix-it ticket and give you a $300 speeding ticket.
stacy: thank-you.
officer: the reason i did this is because you were honest with me about how fast you were going and i don't get that very often.

he then went on to give me a couple more scenarios of what he COULD have done.

geez, some cops are total jerks. anyway, i got lucky.

SO proud of my brother!!!!

so my little brother (NOTE: he's about a foot taller than i am... so it's a loose interpretation of the word) got his mission call!!!! he is going to the Mexico City, Mexico (north) mission!!!!! we are SOOOOOOO excited for him! i am buying him a suit for his birthday/christmas/mission gift so if anyone knows of any really good deals out there, he has very expensive taste.... i.e. armani, hugo boss, ralph lauren, etc. but we are SOOOO proud of him and he is soooooo excited!!! WE LOVE YOU, SPENNY!!!!!

i got the whole mission call opening on video but i haven't been able to figure out how to post it so that is soon to come.

Friday, October 2, 2009


i'm lucky because i have lots of talented friends. here's one showcasing his stuff....

Way to go, natey!!!!
(the jazz flutist is nate's teacher.)
((rachel and i looked up flutist on wikipedia so don't try to correct me.))