Thursday, October 22, 2009


whenever i'm having conversations with people from high school and they ask, "so are you still living with your parents?" i very PROUDLY exclaim that i haven't lived with my parents since high school and will likely never live with them again. this usually is followed by the obligatory question, "why, you don't like your parents?" to which i explain, "no, i love my parents. but i don't do rules." this is usually followed up by a monologue of how i was just SOOOO ready for my independence and ready to be on my own and out of the house and how much i love being independent from my parents. what i usually fail to remember is how my mom has packed lunches for me to take on my school field trips, my dad fixes my computer on a regular basis, my mom took my car in today and waited for the smog check because i didn't have time, my dad takes me out to lunch at least twice a month, my mom took my books to the post office to mail off after i resold them, my dad on countless occasions has loaned me this gadget and that gadget....... the list goes on and on! so, yes, i still maintain that i am completely, undoubtedly, and entirely independent.... but i couldn't do it without my parents.


  1. Thumbs up for the ma and the pa.

  2. You have got it backwards...we could not make it without you!