Monday, October 5, 2009

my first time

Officer: license and registration?
))i hand them to him((
officer: i pulled you over for two reasons: for one, your speed, and for two, your registration tags are expired.
stacy: yeah, my tag got stolen off my car, i've been waiting for the DMV to send me my new ones. (show him proof of current registration)
officer: do you have any idea how fast you were going.
stacy: 79 miles per hour?
officer: yeah, i clocked you at 80 the first time then 83 the second time. i'll be right back.
))he disappears behind his crazy bright lights((
officer: okay, sign here please. i'm writing you a fix-it ticket for your expired registration tags...
stacy: even though i have proof of registration? (NOTE: said VERY respectfully, legitimately asking a question.)
officer: look, this is called me giving you a deal... you can take this fix it ticket which will be around 25 dollars, or you can take the speeding ticket which will be between 300-500 dollars which do you want?!?!?!?!?! (VERY abrasively)
stacy: thank-you.
officer: (still abrasive) i'm ASKING you!!!! which do you want?!?!?! huh?!?!?! HUH!?!?!
stacy: thank-you.
officer: because this is a really good deal you're getting.
stacy: thank-you.
officer: because i could just scratch the fix-it ticket and give you a $300 speeding ticket.
stacy: thank-you.
officer: the reason i did this is because you were honest with me about how fast you were going and i don't get that very often.

he then went on to give me a couple more scenarios of what he COULD have done.

geez, some cops are total jerks. anyway, i got lucky.


  1. I do love you, but feel less sorry for you than for myself, due to actually having gotten the ticket in my place, and no ticket for you. $10 for a fixit ain't bad. Oh, and when I got a fixit for registration, I had a valid one too, but with no stickers. So we match on that.

  2. shouldve just showed him some clevage and maybe you wouldnt have gotten anything. haha

  3. I just want to tell you... I love you. End of story.

  4. (i know people don't call you kassie anymore, but i do). thanks, kassie. i love you too. i need lovin' after this cop was such a jerk!!! hahahaha.

  5. well... he COULD have been a bigger jerk... but I guess he already explained that to you ;) I have to go do my fix-it ticket too... for updating my address with the DMV even though I was sure I'd already done that!) Better than the speeding ticket though!

  6. Hmmm... He must be the same officer who gave me my ticket. He said I ran a red light (I didn't... though it was close), and then let me choose between a red light ticket or a fix-it ticket for not having my current address on my license (despite the fact that I had turned in the paperwork to the DMV). I was dumb enough to keep arguing with him and he almost took the deal back.

    Glad you were respectfully smart. :)

  7. geez!!! cops are such jerks sometimes! i'm glad that you also got off with a fix-it ticket! does that go on your record or anything?