Thursday, November 26, 2009


things i am thankful for (since i am 21, i did 21.)

1. God/Religion/Church
2. family
3. friends
4. freedom
5. music
6. art
7. food
8. dancing
9. peanut butter
10. cell phones
11. language
12. education
13. patience
14. time management
15. baths
16. massages
17. partners in crime
18. presents
19. e-mail
20. organization
21. employment

Monday, November 23, 2009

prank day...

(NOTE: everyone mentioned in this post works with me.) so last night i get a text from kellee saying something to the effect of, "i think i might have food poisoning. i can't come in tomorrow." totally concerned about her i told her, "can i bring you anything?!" she assured me she'd be okay and would return when healthy again. this morning i get a text from kendall saying that she's got "the runs" and won't be coming in. no big, right? WRONG! THEN i get downstairs and pat has written a message on our message board saying, "stacy, court was mis-calendared and i had to go in... have greg and jocelyn cover my appts." uh, WHAT?!?!?!?!?! so i get into the office... WHERE IS GREG AND BRITTINI????!!!! i check the calendar, brittini had the day OFF!!!!! i was panicked. i called greg, no answer. jocelyn was freaking out, too.

9:00 rolls around. we have two clients filling out the consultation packet. i'm definitely turning in my resignation today before i have to live through this hell.


they planned this little prank on friday when i had to miss work for class. i'll get them back.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

new hair...

more pictures to come!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

meeting tommy lasorda!!!

so i met tommy lasorda from the dodgers on saturday with my dad and let me just say... he is the COOLEST! he is 82 years old but so full of life! he's been married to the same woman for 60 years and talked about how wonderful she was. here are some pictures.... (these also serve as my "fat face" pictures for wisdom teeth extraction)
he signed my hat!!!!
my friend mark (a true fellow dodgerlover), tommy, me

me, tommy, dad... THANKS DAD FOR INVITING ME!!!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

wisdom teeth.

they're coming out. tomorrow. wish me luck............

peeping tom...

so a cop came into our office yesterday ... apparently a man had setup a CAMERA in the women's restroom in the building next door to us!!! the funny part? the police officer gave me a stack of pictures to see if i could identify the man... where did he get the pictures? FROM THE GUY'S OWN CAMERA!!!! HE CAUGHT HIMSELF ON TAPE!!! what an idiot! needless to say, we check the bathroom every time before relieving ourselves.

who are these freaks?!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Calling.

say hello to the new activities chairperson for the murrieta springs singles branch of the murrieta stake. (deep breaths.)

10 random thoughts...

1. most hated place in the world: winchester exit in temecula, ca
2. 1 person i wish would start a blog in order to improve MY life: brittini
3. it's always cold... why is this?
4. i'm SO unmotivated to do my shakespeare paper that was due monday
5. i've decided to bring back slang from that show "street sharks" so don't look at me weird when i exclaim in a jovial manner, "JAWSOME!!!!!"
6. a) i am STILL overwhelmed about my new calling... and haven't been released from my other two.
6. b) i got called to activity chairperson of the singles branch.
7. i've decided that since i accepted this new calling, i will buy myself a new camera to document
8. i'm getting my wisdom teeth out on friday
9. i am dying to purchase the new georgia book and read it
10. i hate time changes. surely they were designed to throw me off. this is why i choose arizona.


halloween was a BLAST for me this year!!! i don't DISLIKE halloween, but i'm never that into it. i'm a scaredy-cat so it's usually a good day for me to just sit in and enjoy some happy feel-good movies.... but THIS year, i totally went all out. i put together a costume and was SO proud of it!!! it was super cute, not just for halloween, if i do say so myself. on friday, brittini and i went to "the boat dance" which is just a halloween dance for young single adults... but it's on a huge yacht! it was pretty crowded, but still fun. we danced the night away! on saturday, i threw a huge halloween party. it was a big success! (thanks to rachel a. slash husband, wesley, rachel h., britt, mike, gramma h., and my boss for lending me her whole downstairs for party usage!!!) here are some pics from the boat dance... more to follow, hopefully!

some detailed thank-yous: (please forgive me if you helped and i forgot to add you!!!)
rachel/greg a.: cupcakes, decorating, moral support
brittini: STREAMERS!!!, decorating, crock pot, moral support, water
gramma h.: that DELISH chilli!!!!!!!!!
rachel h.: moral support, clean up support, co-hosting, decorating
mike: technology truman
wesley: decorating (has anyone seen how this boy can make cobwebs!?!?!)
pat: allowing us to be noisey/rowdy in your house for hours on end!!!
guests: thanks for coming and making the party a success!!!!!