Wednesday, November 4, 2009

10 random thoughts...

1. most hated place in the world: winchester exit in temecula, ca
2. 1 person i wish would start a blog in order to improve MY life: brittini
3. it's always cold... why is this?
4. i'm SO unmotivated to do my shakespeare paper that was due monday
5. i've decided to bring back slang from that show "street sharks" so don't look at me weird when i exclaim in a jovial manner, "JAWSOME!!!!!"
6. a) i am STILL overwhelmed about my new calling... and haven't been released from my other two.
6. b) i got called to activity chairperson of the singles branch.
7. i've decided that since i accepted this new calling, i will buy myself a new camera to document
8. i'm getting my wisdom teeth out on friday
9. i am dying to purchase the new georgia book and read it
10. i hate time changes. surely they were designed to throw me off. this is why i choose arizona.