Wednesday, November 4, 2009


halloween was a BLAST for me this year!!! i don't DISLIKE halloween, but i'm never that into it. i'm a scaredy-cat so it's usually a good day for me to just sit in and enjoy some happy feel-good movies.... but THIS year, i totally went all out. i put together a costume and was SO proud of it!!! it was super cute, not just for halloween, if i do say so myself. on friday, brittini and i went to "the boat dance" which is just a halloween dance for young single adults... but it's on a huge yacht! it was pretty crowded, but still fun. we danced the night away! on saturday, i threw a huge halloween party. it was a big success! (thanks to rachel a. slash husband, wesley, rachel h., britt, mike, gramma h., and my boss for lending me her whole downstairs for party usage!!!) here are some pics from the boat dance... more to follow, hopefully!

some detailed thank-yous: (please forgive me if you helped and i forgot to add you!!!)
rachel/greg a.: cupcakes, decorating, moral support
brittini: STREAMERS!!!, decorating, crock pot, moral support, water
gramma h.: that DELISH chilli!!!!!!!!!
rachel h.: moral support, clean up support, co-hosting, decorating
mike: technology truman
wesley: decorating (has anyone seen how this boy can make cobwebs!?!?!)
pat: allowing us to be noisey/rowdy in your house for hours on end!!!
guests: thanks for coming and making the party a success!!!!!


  1. Wesley is Martha Stewart trapped in a 15 year old boy's body. Cobwebs of inspiration.

  2. And mom for cleaning your trunk.

    And laughter for Brittini's funny listed above.

  3. totally... wesley's calling is to decorate!