Friday, December 18, 2009

christmas newsletter

so i'm not married, i don't have kids, and i'm not a college graduate but i do have fun things to report for the year 2009 so i thought i'd do a little christmas newsletter here in the blogosphere, kristin-style. i just finished my penultimate semester of MSJC. i will graduate with 3 associates degrees in spring 2010 and will transfer to arizona state university in fall 2010. my three degrees are: arts and humanities, liberal studies, and social and behavioral sciences. we welcomed my newest niece into the world in september. she is a gem! i served in several different callings at church: FHE teacher, newsletter committee, teachers development course instructor, and now activities chairperson. i've contiued to work at the bankruptcy law firm and continue to Love i am so blessed and lucky to have remained friends and family with the people i am surrounded with. i'm also lucky to have maintained employment through these hard times and continue my education. i'm grateful to live in this great country and to be permitted to worship who, what, when, where, why, and how i may. i'm so grateful for the birth of the Savior. i love you all and hope that your holidays are filled with laughter, love, and memories. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!!!

lots of love,


  1. Hooray for riding a camel in 2009!

  2. Second hooray for the faces charlie and spencer are making in the last photo!