Tuesday, December 1, 2009

happy birthday, avery noel!!!

as i have mentioned time and time again, i LOOOOOVE being an aunt! my oldest niece Avery Noel has turned THREE today!!! congrats, avey!!! ten reasons i love my aves:
1. i LOOOOVE her red hair

2. she loves dance parties

3. direct quote from her to me, "i like your boobs!"

4. she takes good care of her siblings

5. she loves neil diamond

6. she eats her green vegetables

7. she likes to blow out candles

8. she recognizes religious symbols (i.e. temple, Jesus, etc.)

9. she is an animal lover

10. she is my oldest niece :D


  1. Cute post, thanks! I'll pull up the blog and show it to Avery when she awakens. :)

  2. I can't believe Avery likes your boobs. (Who doesn't though, really? Besides you.)