Monday, November 1, 2010


so i like halloween more and more as i get older because now i get to pick my costume. honestly i cannot remember ever picking my costume growing up. i probably would have wanted to be something boring anyway but whatever. tyler and i did two different costumes: one for friday night party and one for sunday night halloween candy handing-out-ing with tyler's brother and sister-in-law. here are some photos:
Cruella DeVille and Russell from "UP"
ANDREA D. from Belleza Salons did my hair... isn't she amazing?!?!?!?!?! (yes, it IS my real hair!!)
i was texting my sister (one of my favorite past times) and the boys started dancing all up on me. did i notice? no. we were discussing important things like cinnamon toast commercials. ah, the desensitization that comes with dating....

Costume # 2:
(five hair washes later)

tyler was a "cage fighter" and i was his trashy girlfriend.

love spending holidays with my boyfriend.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Elder Tyler Ray Hathcock will be serving the people of Colorado Springs, Colorado, reporting to the MTC on December 15, 2010!!! I am so proud and ecstatic for him!!!!

an example of a potential letter from him: (written by stacy)

dear mom,
it's been 4 days on the mission and i've been working hard. could you please send me some of your homemade ranch? they don't have that out here. also, do you know what "rocky mountain oysters" are? a member forced me to try them. i think i'll be losing a lot of weight if they keep that up. i love the people and i love the work and miss you all.
p.s. can i send my laundry home for you to do...?

Friday, October 15, 2010


natey had another recital and SPANKED IT! i am so impressed!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

just wanted to share....

i feel like the mormon religion has been getting a lot of negative attention because of this most recent general conference and the issue of homosexuality. i refuse to go into detail about this but i did want to share the following letter my sister-in-law sent me...

Hi again everyone!! This was sent to me from someone in the ward,
might be of some interest! I am so grateful for this "wind-whipped
wildfire" also because it is allowing us to put some of these issues
into the mainstream issues of the church-- to love and support people
just like Erin Eldridge (who wrote this). And I love that we can
still love and support while still voting Yes on 8 if we choose.

This was written by Erin Eldridge, a faithful Mormon whose struggle
with same-sex attraction is described in her book Born That Way? A
True Story of Overcoming Same-Sex Attraction, published by Deseret
Book. From her unique viewpoint she shares her conviction about the
importance of taking a stand on Proposition 8 in Tuesday's election.

I am going to attempt the impossible: I want to try to discuss
Proposition 8 in an honest, equitable manner.
To demonstrate the divisiveness of the issue, let me first point out
that I could only call it "Proposition 8." If I'd called it by its
original name, "Proposition 8: California Marriage Protection Act,"
you would think that I want you to vote "Yes on 8." After all, who
wouldn't want to protect marriage? If I'd called it by its new name,
as determined by California 's attorney general and legislative
analyst in July, "Proposition 8: Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples
to Marry," you would think that I want you to vote "No on 8." After
all, who would want to eliminate someone's rights?
And, to demonstrate how far-reaching its effects, I didn't even need
to call it " California 's Proposition 8." No matter where this email
goes, to any of the 50 states that may have propositions up for vote,
I'm confident people will know which state's "Proposition 8" I'm
talking about.

Laurie Goodstein of the New York Times describes the Proposition with
poetic imagery: "it is raging like a wind-whipped wildfire in
California ." More poetic still...from an article in Monday's San
Francisco Chronicle:
"Michelle Sundstrom and her husband gave $30,000 to the Yes on 8
campaign and put a sign on their home. But in response, two women
parked an SUV in front of their home, with the words 'Bigots live
here' painted on the windshield. Sundstrom believes such responses
must come from deep places of pain-and that gays and lesbians are
entitled to the same rights as heterosexuals, just not the word
marriage. Any animosity toward gays or lesbians is wrong, she said.
"There must be such deep, deep, deep hurt; otherwise there couldn't be
so much opposition," she said. "They've lived with this. I guess we're
getting a taste of where they live."

Wow. Perhaps all this craziness and hate-slinging is actually getting
us somewhere. A heterosexual Mormon couple has a "Bigots live here"
sign parked in front of their house, and what's their response?
"They've lived with this. I guess we're getting a taste of where they
And she didn't just say "deep hurt." She said "deep, deep, deep hurt."
I know the depth of that pain. I grew up Mormon and gay back in the
1970s. That was when we were shunned, ridiculed, bruised, battered,
and discriminated against by nearly everyone, religious or otherwise.
We hid in the closets because it hurt too much to come out. People who
did come out were called perverts, child molesters, predators, queer,
sick, you name it. For those of us who were Mormon, it was even worse.
We were attracted to the same sex, yet Mormon doctrine stated we were
supposed to get married only to a member of the opposite sex. It is a
direct conflict between the two strongest, most significant desires in

When I was in college, I met a woman with whom I thought I'd spend the
rest of my life. But after a couple of years, we broke up. That was
when I had this feeling, an impression, to talk to my bishop. I had no
idea who he was because I hadn't gone to church in years.
That bishop used the power of the priesthood in my behalf, just as the
divine plan had been laid out. He met with me for almost three years
as I struggled and faltered. Suicide was a very real threat. I feel
blessed, or lucky, or both, not to be among the many who have already
pulled the trigger.

I wasn't suicidal because of the Church's unwavering stance on
marriage. I hadn't been forced to believe, or guilted into it. I had
not been brainwashed. My testimony came from the heart.
In time, my spiritual identity began to gain strength over my sexual
identity. I was finally able to choose the right. But it was a
troubling choice. I had no desire, whatsoever, to spend a lifetime
with a man - much less an eternity. So that left me with celibacy. To
this day, sacrificing same-sex relationships is the greatest sacrifice
I have made.
Years ago a friend said: "The sacrifice of a loved one for an attempt
to live righteously cannot go unnoticed. The loss is real, the sadness
is real, in a world where so few things are real." Now, the sacrifice
is being publicly recognized by Church leaders. In a fireside for
Latter-day Saints in California , Elder Quentin L. Cook said, "There
are faithful temple-worthy members of the Church who struggle with
this great challenge, often in silence, fear, and great pain."

Back when I was battling same-sex attractions, I couldn't find any LDS
resources dealing with the issue. I'd insist, "The Church doesn't
understand. They don't even care enough to help." Finally I realized
that the Church I was criticizing was not just "they". It was also
"I", and perhaps "I" should quit complaining and start writing. So I
did. The title of the book sums it up: Born That Way? A True Story of
Overcoming Same-Sex Attraction. Few people were offering hope back
then for those who wanted to overcome same-sex attraction. I felt
compelled by the spirit to try and provide hope for others with
struggles similar to mine.

The secular resources did more harm than good. Back then, the only
claims you heard from the "experts" were: "Sexual attractions are a
permanent part of who you are. They're indelible, unchangeable, and
unavoidable." Fortunately, the "experts" are now realizing that, just
like other aspects of who we are, sexual attractions are influenced by
genetics, environment, upbringing, experiences - all of it. Nature and
nurture are no longer pitted against each other.

For almost 20 years, I've had the unique opportunity to witness the
journey of many people who face this trial. I started in 1990, when
Evergreen asked me to help as a volunteer phone counselor. Evergreen
is an organization established to help Mormons struggling with same-
sex attractions. Over the span of nearly two decades, I've seen some
of those Latter-day Saints get married in the temple. I've seen others
work to remain celibate - either because they have not found a spouse
or because they have not developed attractions toward the opposite
sex. I have also seen those who once had very strong testimonies, who
tried desperately to bring their lives into accordance with gospel
principles, but finally gave up. At least for now.

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT: Some people, no matter what they do or how hard
they try, will never find themselves attracted to the opposite sex, in
this life. They deserve our utmost respect. So do those who identify
as gay or straight or bisexual or none of the above. They all deserve
our respect.

No doubt because I have lived both sides of this issue, I am not
surprised that the wildfires are raging in California . Also, it's not
difficult for me to understand how the body of the Church has become
divided. I've felt divided, too. Our family lived in California in
2000, when the Defense of Marriage Act came up for vote the first
time. My husband and I had been sealed together for time and all
eternity, and our children had been born under the new and everlasting
covenant. We, as an eternal family, were and are the direct
beneficiaries of the Church's unwavering stance on marriage. What once
created angst so severe I considered suicide led me to a life I never
thought possible. One in which I have been happily married - to a man
- for 15 years.

However, I know all too well what it's like to be discriminated
against. And the thought of "eliminating" someone else's rights seems
wrong. Up until this week, it seemed to go against my sense of
fairness, democracy and justice as a citizen of the United States . It
also seemed to run contrary to the core of my faith - the second
greatest commandment - to love one another.

Despite my apprehensions in 2000, my husband and I acted in faith and
supported Proposition 22 because the prophet asked us to. I hate to
admit this, but it wasn't until this week that I was able to reconcile
the opposing viewpoints I have continued to debate in my own head. I
now understand why the leaders of the Mormon Church have been taking
such an active role in all of this. It happened while I was reading a
National Public Radio report entitled "When Gay Rights and Religious
Liberties Clash". It says, "In recent years, some states have passed
laws giving residents the right to same-sex unions in various forms.
Gay couples may marry in Massachusetts and California . There are
civil unions and domestic partnerships in Vermont , New Jersey ,
Connecticut , New Hampshire and Oregon ."
I was astonished when I read: "So far, the religious groups are
losing." They listed examples such as Catholic Charities in
Massachusetts who had to pull out of the adoption business because
they refused to adopt to same-sex couples. Individual rights are being
revoked, too. A woman declined to photograph a same-sex couple's
commitment ceremony, saying her Christian beliefs prevented her from
sanctioning same-sex unions. She was found guilty of discrimination.
When I read that article, it was like a light bulb went on over my
head. More importantly, I felt a spiritual confirmation in my heart
that the prophet truly is prophetic. And that was when this impression
came to me:
It's not that the Mormon Church is trying to get into politics. It's
that politics is trying to get into the Church. And not just our
church. Any church or congregation or individual who believes that
only a marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God.
I'm sorry I couldn't see what the prophet could see. I'm sorry I'm not
sending this letter until now. I'm sorry for my apathy, for being
"lukewarm". (I thought it was only a matter of time before same-sex
marriages became legal everywhere.)
Yes, we're behind in the polls. Yes, it's the Friday before Election
Day. So PLEASE, email this letter to anyone and everyone you think
could benefit from it - as quickly as possible.
Unfortunately, someone has to lose with Proposition 8. Somebody's
right to something will be limited after the polls close on Tuesday.
I, for one, do not want it to be my right to worship as I please.
Erin Eldridge

P.S. For those who would like to respond to this letter - whether in
anger or frustration or support - I will do my best to respond to
every email I receive. But please, be patient. All our kids are still
at home and I work part time. Email

the old san francisco steakhouse...

so when i went to texas to visit my Bee eff eff brittini, we happend to go to a restaurant called "The Old San Francisco Steakhouse" in san antonio. if you're ever ANYWHERE near this place, GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was seriously one of the coolest places i've EVER been in my life! i totally want to start a restaurant in california just like this place! it was set in like 1800 wild west-era and it looked like it was straigt out of the movie tombstone!!!! totally saloon-style everything! they even had a live pianist playing saloon/ragtime music. it was SO NEAT. the COOLEST touch MUST have been this swing they had from the like 40 foot ceiling. the girl swung and swung on it SO HIGH that she KICKED a bell hanging down from the ceiling!!!!! THEN at the end of the song, she BACKFLIPPED OFF the swing, and LANDED on the BAR on her FEET!!!!!!!!!!! it was SO COOL! here is a quick video clip i got of the early swinging-stages...

i HIGHLY recommend you check this place out at:

check out their gallery and be jealous!!!

LA County Fair...

so i can't really think of very many family traditions that we've had but one that MIGHT qualify (thoughts, siblings?) is our yearly trip to some sort of fair... we USED to go to the del mar fair every year growing up and now (even though we don't necessarily go together) i usually make it a point to go to either the del mar, LA county, or orange county fair. this year me, wes, and tyty went to the LA county fair. it also doubled as a branch activity which was awesome. it was a TON of fun. tyler wouldn't go on any rides with me because he said they weren't made for big kids. but i went on several. unfortunately, my real camera is already broken (got it 8 months ago. siiiigh.) so i only got a couple of cell phone pictures.

Wesley and i in front of the sham wow counter... they are SOOO convincing. even though i would have no need for a sham wow, i wanted to buy one just because they did so well at selling it!

we got to ride a real elephant!!! it was so much fun!

many many thanks to wes and tyler for coming with!!! i have so much fun spending time with wes. i have to capitalize on it now before he turns 18 and starts making his own decisions and has no time for me. LOVE YA, BUBBY!!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sassy Gay Friend... Again!

here is the latest sassy gay friend. i just LOVE these!!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

(for rach and tris) i got this funny email....

....and i HAD TO share it because it made me laugh so hard... (this is mainly for my sister & sister-in-law who will get the largest kick out of it)
10 Things Men Don't Say Enough:
10. "I hate to miss the game, but this floor could really use a good scrubbing."
9. "Why don't you buy a nice new pair of shoes to go with that outfit?" (these are like my DREAM words!!!)
8. "Let's rent a romantic movie. If I see one more car chase I'm gonna hurl."
7. "Yeah, I'm pretty tired, too, so let's just cuddle."
6. "Why can't they show real-looking women in those lingerie catalogs?"
5. "My thumns are getting tired. Would you mind holding the remote for a while?"
4. "I'm not sure we've seen enough of your family lately."
3. "You got enough blankets over there?"
2. "Sure, I'll be glad to hold your purse while you're standing next to this construction site."
1. "I'll love you forever, and I sure hope you know it!"

Monday, September 20, 2010

emily's wedding!!!

so i think this is my last wedding for 2010... emily and brigham were married on friday, august 13th, 2010 in the San Diego Temple... way for me to go out with a bang with the last wedding of the year! their reception was SO awesome! the best way i could describe it is it was totally emily! some pictures:

brigham plays violin BEAUTIFULLY so he played a rendition (that he made up!) of "families can be together forever" (a popular mormon hymn) and "fools rush in" (by elvis).

The bridesmaids! i have to say one of my favorite parts about weddings is meeting the new friends! pam, lynae, emily, marly, and me!

emily and stacy

bouquet shot!
emily just looked SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for letting me be apart of your special day! everything was just perfect!!!! :) LOVE TO BOTH OF YOU!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

updates on my life... (DISCLAIMER: this is WORDY!)

so MOST of you have probably already heard what's going on in my life through the grapevine but i'm ready to come out and say it myself!

but anyway, i have decided to go here:

to become one of these:

i have decided to do this in an FAQ fashion:

Q: So you’re not going to ASU?
A: No. I was originally going to go there because they were cheaper and I actually knew more people there but I have since changed my mind.
Q: Why aren’t you going to ASU anymore?
A: When I got my UA acceptance letter, I looked into it just for fun. Everyone there was WAY nicer (my counselor actually knows who I am as opposed to my ASU counselor who would respond to each email saying, “are you assigned to me? Because your ID number suggests you’re assigned to steve.” And I’d have to RE-explain that I was one of the students that got assigned to her while “steve” was on medical leave. Every. Freaking. Time.) I felt like just a number to ASU but UA has always tried SO HARD to help me get everything underway! I just felt so much better about UA.
Q: Soooo, why haven’t you left yet?
A: Originally I was scheduled to leave in August (2010). I decided to extend my stay in Murrieta and go to UA online for this semester. A few reasons why: 1. Tyler (boyfriend)’s Mission Papers don’t go in til October 1, 2010 which means he would still be here while I was there and I would either a. be in Murrieta, B. wanting to be in Murrieta, c. be on the phone with him in Murrieta, or d. devising a way to get to Murrieta. That seemed silly to me. 2. I had to take one more language class than originally anticipated and since I had taken the first 3 years through the MSJC program, I decided to finish it up. 3. I could continue to work here and save more money (UA IS DANG EXPENSIVE!). 4. Its what I wanted to do.
Q: When DO you leave?
A: First week in January. I’ve already turned in my notice and my last day of work is December 30th. I’m depressed about leaving my job.
Q: So do you know anyone in Tucsan, Arizona?
A: no.
Q: Aren’t you terrified?
A: yes.
Q: How will you get through?
A: The amazing support of my friends and family! THANK YOU TO ALL!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Berkeley for Fourth of July!!!

so i know i'm really late in posting these pictures but i just found out that ken & tris are moving from berkeley so these are my last pictures i'll have of visiting them in berk. they'll be moving even FURTHER away which is sad. but hopefully this means that ken will be able to be a millionaire and live in a big house in southern california some day. sigh, wishful thinking... anyway, i digress. here are some pictures from our fun weekend... it was the first chance that ken&co. really got to meet tyler and let me just tell you... he was a big hit! megan also came up with us because she was scouting out living prospects and she was ALSO a big hit with the kidlets.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alex in Wonderland Wedding

here are some pictures from alex's beautiful wedding! i was the maid of honor and felt SOOOO honored to be apart of their special day!!! everything was beautiful and the reception was a BLAST!!! i brought tyler and lauren and sam and the four of us danced our hearts out!!!
the bride and her dad on their way down the aisle...

tyler and stacy before the ceremony. QUICK bragging sesh: i have the best boyfriend! he goes to all of my weddings with me and even though it isn't fun for him to sit around and wait for me to get ready, he still does it! lucky lucky LUCKY me!!!!

inside the gazebo where the ceremony took place

their dad and aunt teamed up to perform their ceremony. don't they all look so beautiful?!?!? compliments to sam who did hair AND make up!

the bridesmaids watching the ceremony

the bride and maid of honor

tyler and i dancing... we danced for like 3 solid hours! it was SO fun!

i also enjoyed the occasional female dance partner...

breakin' it down...

the bridal party together. stacy. jolie. courtney. amanda. and alex the bride in back.

their wedding was alice in wonderland themed decor which really made for some fun decorations! alex and her mom did a GREAT GREAT GREAT job in planning and executing such a beautiful wedding!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

my latest youtube favorite.

i die of laughter every time!!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The COOLEST wedding invite ever!!!

so, as i've mentioned in previous posts, i am a wedding-holic. i get invited to weddings, receptions, bachelorette parties, engagement parties, bridal showers, invite stuffing parties, trinket making parties, etc. all. things. weddings. i've also been a bridesmaid for several weddings... including 2 this summer!! anyway, my friend JEN sent this to me today and it is DEFINITELY the coolest wedding invite i have ever seen out of the THOUSANDS i have seen. such a cute idea and so unique! just wanted to share it with you.... (i think you can click it to enlarge.)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

have you EVER?!?!?!?

i have the MOST talented nieces and nephews. below are two from the ken&tris variety.

Avery LPP from Tristen Lawrence on Vimeo.

^ Avery singing little purple pansies. she learned it in primary at church. and then it was corban's turn....

Corban LPP/AOF from Tristen Lawrence on Vimeo.

he decided to do what mama cass elliott says and "make his own kind of music." avery tried to help him sing the words that matched his "pansy prop" but he continued on in his ballad. in case you are not mormon and therefore don't know the song he is singing, the words are:
"we believe in God the eternal father
and in his son, Jesus Christ,
and in the holy ghost."


Friday, May 14, 2010


Felicity Grace Ashcraft
7 pounds, 14 ounces
born 9:09 am 5/11/2010

she. is. precious!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

OPERATION: Bye bye brittini

so one of my best friends has moved. far far away. to the land of texas. anyway, she moved yesterday.

report on my recovery:

4 phone calls

3 text messages

1 facebook comment.

overall analysis: doin' good!

don't judge me. i get attached.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


remember how i have the GREATEST friends?! well i had a great 22nd birthday this year... on sunday i went to my parent's house and ate el dorado casserole which is just delish! my parents, wesley, rachel/greg/charlie, and tyler were all there to celebrate with me. i got New Moon (movie), a ipod to car player, a REALLY cute sweater, a ipod/boom box thingy, a whole BOX of tupperware, dish stuff (for when i move to arizone), a new movie, and a really sweet card from tyler (that's not all he got me, but it was definitely of note). the next night i went out to eat with a bunch of friends. we went to RJ's with heather g., rachel h. and the girls, david s., mehgan o., sierra k., claire l., and rebecca g/s. they all got me a cake and mehgan got my dinner for free!! thank goodness she's a good flirt. from this bunch i got skin care products (praise heaven... my skin has been awful lately!!!), a REALLY pretty necklace, a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers, an itunes giftcard, a journal, and a night with some of the GREATEST friends of all! thank you to everyone who wished me well and helped make my birthday special!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

bye bye sir american pie....

yep, my little brother left for the Missionary Training Center monday march 15th early in the morning for a two year stretch. we can email, we can write, and we can talk on the phone on mother's day and christmas, but that's all. he'll be transferred to Mexico City, MX in about may and begin his 2 year service to the people of mexico. i gotta say, he couldn't be more ecstatic! there are two things he wants to experience there: danger and poverty. i think he'll have no trouble finding those things. here are the last couple of pictures with him (excuse my looking homeless...)

Friday, March 12, 2010


so since it was probably my last time visiting berkeley (ken and tris are moving and so am i), i took some pictures to commemorate how WELL this family functions in this big city!!!

Tristen take the kids to the local YMCA pretty regularly. Avery had ballet class there so she looked SO DANG CUTE in her little leotard and ballet slippers. Click on any of the pictures to make them larger :) (i have placed a few disclaimers throughout the blog so that no one has the opportunity to think that the family are anarchists.)

The kids played on the rock wall for hours! they love that thing. I really like this picture because it shows ken's true "daddy nature"... he's such a fun dad! totally interactive with the kids and everything. it's so fun to watch him play with them.

we haven't known penny for too long but she is already SO full of personality. She lets her older siblings carry her around even when it doesn't feel to comfortable (DISCLAIMER: this activity is HIGHLY supervised. tristen doesn't just let her kids trek about with this delicate cargo.)

avery was sitting on the fountain and had picked a flower and just looked TOO cute to pass up. it's so funny how when a camera comes out she starts a photo shoot! (ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: Avery picked the flower without her mom's permission. tristen also does not allow her children to strut about the bay area plucking foliage.)

tristen will KILL me when she discovers this picture on here but i HAD to point out how JEALOUS i am of how CUTE my sister in law looks in exercise clothes!!! when i wear exercise clothes, i look like the grim reaper. when she does, she looks like an athletic trainer. which parent's genes do i blame for that?? (final disclaimer: tristen is not generally the homocidal type but she is totally unaware of how stylish she looks when she gets ready to exercise.)