Monday, January 25, 2010

back from south africa.

amazing. that's pretty much the best word i can use to describe it. i promise to blog about it later, but for now, i will say that south africa from december 31st, 2009 to january 16th, 2010 was so so so so so awesome and i HIGHLY recommend it. some quick highlights:
1. bungee jumping from the world's highest bungee jump. terrifying, but worth it.
2. seeing all of the animals!!! giraffes, hippos, elephants, impala, zebras, wildebeest, water buffalo, rhinos, birds, chameleon, etc.
3. being with friends... seriously, this group of people to travel with turned out to be so much fun and totally awesome
4. hiking to Waterfall Bluff-- a waterfall that falls directly into the ocean, BEAUTIFUL!
5. swimming with penguins, MAN they're cute!