Thursday, March 25, 2010


remember how i have the GREATEST friends?! well i had a great 22nd birthday this year... on sunday i went to my parent's house and ate el dorado casserole which is just delish! my parents, wesley, rachel/greg/charlie, and tyler were all there to celebrate with me. i got New Moon (movie), a ipod to car player, a REALLY cute sweater, a ipod/boom box thingy, a whole BOX of tupperware, dish stuff (for when i move to arizone), a new movie, and a really sweet card from tyler (that's not all he got me, but it was definitely of note). the next night i went out to eat with a bunch of friends. we went to RJ's with heather g., rachel h. and the girls, david s., mehgan o., sierra k., claire l., and rebecca g/s. they all got me a cake and mehgan got my dinner for free!! thank goodness she's a good flirt. from this bunch i got skin care products (praise heaven... my skin has been awful lately!!!), a REALLY pretty necklace, a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers, an itunes giftcard, a journal, and a night with some of the GREATEST friends of all! thank you to everyone who wished me well and helped make my birthday special!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

bye bye sir american pie....

yep, my little brother left for the Missionary Training Center monday march 15th early in the morning for a two year stretch. we can email, we can write, and we can talk on the phone on mother's day and christmas, but that's all. he'll be transferred to Mexico City, MX in about may and begin his 2 year service to the people of mexico. i gotta say, he couldn't be more ecstatic! there are two things he wants to experience there: danger and poverty. i think he'll have no trouble finding those things. here are the last couple of pictures with him (excuse my looking homeless...)

Friday, March 12, 2010


so since it was probably my last time visiting berkeley (ken and tris are moving and so am i), i took some pictures to commemorate how WELL this family functions in this big city!!!

Tristen take the kids to the local YMCA pretty regularly. Avery had ballet class there so she looked SO DANG CUTE in her little leotard and ballet slippers. Click on any of the pictures to make them larger :) (i have placed a few disclaimers throughout the blog so that no one has the opportunity to think that the family are anarchists.)

The kids played on the rock wall for hours! they love that thing. I really like this picture because it shows ken's true "daddy nature"... he's such a fun dad! totally interactive with the kids and everything. it's so fun to watch him play with them.

we haven't known penny for too long but she is already SO full of personality. She lets her older siblings carry her around even when it doesn't feel to comfortable (DISCLAIMER: this activity is HIGHLY supervised. tristen doesn't just let her kids trek about with this delicate cargo.)

avery was sitting on the fountain and had picked a flower and just looked TOO cute to pass up. it's so funny how when a camera comes out she starts a photo shoot! (ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: Avery picked the flower without her mom's permission. tristen also does not allow her children to strut about the bay area plucking foliage.)

tristen will KILL me when she discovers this picture on here but i HAD to point out how JEALOUS i am of how CUTE my sister in law looks in exercise clothes!!! when i wear exercise clothes, i look like the grim reaper. when she does, she looks like an athletic trainer. which parent's genes do i blame for that?? (final disclaimer: tristen is not generally the homocidal type but she is totally unaware of how stylish she looks when she gets ready to exercise.)


BIG news!!! on February 26th, i got my acceptance letter to become a

because i got accepted into

It was my #1 choice of schools and i got into the anthropology program which was my #1 choice of major! now, just hoping that ken and tristen and the kids happen to move out there, too so i could still have a little taste of home. I start classes august 19th, 2010. Arizona, here i come!!!

SIDE note: my boyfriend got me maroon and gold (ASU colors) flowers as a congratulations gift... isn't he the sweetest?!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

South Africa

so i know i haven't posted nearly anything about south africa.... this post will be full of pictures. i'm sorry there are so many but it was so hard to choose just a few!!! if it were up to me, i'd post all the pictures from me, britt, nate, and robbie's camera! it was SOOOOOO beautiful there and i will DEFINITELY go back. :) (p.s. i'm not a master blogger like my sister or sister-in-law, but i did the best i could with this formatting... hopefully it translates over to the blog properly. if not, please forgive.)

yoga on table mountain. overlooking a huge canyon.

swimming with penguins. canoeing masters.

hiking to the edge. monkeys on the safari in the road.

hiking to waterfall bluff. at waterfall bluff (waterfall that goes directly into the ocean)

giraffes on the safari. water buffalo. i think we pissed him off....

fave group shot. overlooking capetown. 1-2-3 BUNGEE!! highest bungee jump in the WORLD.

elephant on the safari. Baboon PDA.

hippo on safari. group shot with our d-bag faces mid-hike.

hyena on the safari. i pet one!!!! gordon the penguin.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i have the funniest friends!!!!!

this is a really funny story. for those of you who don't have pretty open senses of humor, i advise that you maybe skip this one.... otherwise read on!!!
so in our office we use "google chat" to communicate from room to room. Arnie is the other attorney here who rents space from my boss... he's an entirely separate practice, etc. he has a secretary named jennifer. well, mindi (the new girl) went to inform arnie's office that his client was here. i have TWO jennifers on my google chat buddy list: jennifer arnie's secretary, and my friend jennifer diffley. just to be sure, mindi sent the following message to BOTH jennifers, since she wasn't sure which was which. Here is her conversation with jennifer diffley:

Stacy (mindi using my screenname): Your client is here.
Jennifer (WITHOUT missing a beat!!!): oh, good. Tell them to wait while i get my crotch-less panties on.

Jenn never even asked what was actually being meant but when i came back to my desk and read this I. About. Died!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope this brightens someone's day.