Thursday, March 25, 2010


remember how i have the GREATEST friends?! well i had a great 22nd birthday this year... on sunday i went to my parent's house and ate el dorado casserole which is just delish! my parents, wesley, rachel/greg/charlie, and tyler were all there to celebrate with me. i got New Moon (movie), a ipod to car player, a REALLY cute sweater, a ipod/boom box thingy, a whole BOX of tupperware, dish stuff (for when i move to arizone), a new movie, and a really sweet card from tyler (that's not all he got me, but it was definitely of note). the next night i went out to eat with a bunch of friends. we went to RJ's with heather g., rachel h. and the girls, david s., mehgan o., sierra k., claire l., and rebecca g/s. they all got me a cake and mehgan got my dinner for free!! thank goodness she's a good flirt. from this bunch i got skin care products (praise heaven... my skin has been awful lately!!!), a REALLY pretty necklace, a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers, an itunes giftcard, a journal, and a night with some of the GREATEST friends of all! thank you to everyone who wished me well and helped make my birthday special!

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