Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i have the funniest friends!!!!!

this is a really funny story. for those of you who don't have pretty open senses of humor, i advise that you maybe skip this one.... otherwise read on!!!
so in our office we use "google chat" to communicate from room to room. Arnie is the other attorney here who rents space from my boss... he's an entirely separate practice, etc. he has a secretary named jennifer. well, mindi (the new girl) went to inform arnie's office that his client was here. i have TWO jennifers on my google chat buddy list: jennifer arnie's secretary, and my friend jennifer diffley. just to be sure, mindi sent the following message to BOTH jennifers, since she wasn't sure which was which. Here is her conversation with jennifer diffley:

Stacy (mindi using my screenname): Your client is here.
Jennifer (WITHOUT missing a beat!!!): oh, good. Tell them to wait while i get my crotch-less panties on.

Jenn never even asked what was actually being meant but when i came back to my desk and read this I. About. Died!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope this brightens someone's day.

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  1. I am rolling over laughing! What an amazing way to get through the day at work! I wish I read this earlier today. Maybe I'll just come back and read it when I work next. Props to Jenn for being so quick to come back. LOVE YOU STACY!