Friday, March 12, 2010


BIG news!!! on February 26th, i got my acceptance letter to become a

because i got accepted into

It was my #1 choice of schools and i got into the anthropology program which was my #1 choice of major! now, just hoping that ken and tristen and the kids happen to move out there, too so i could still have a little taste of home. I start classes august 19th, 2010. Arizona, here i come!!!

SIDE note: my boyfriend got me maroon and gold (ASU colors) flowers as a congratulations gift... isn't he the sweetest?!


  1. 1. Congratulations.
    2. Don't leave.
    3. Don't drag family there with you, just stay where you are or come to save me in Provo.
    4. Congrats.
    5. Tyler is VERY sweet and thoughtful to get you such cute flowers.
    6. Way to go on your success. (I just spelled s-u-c-c-e-s-s in attempt to correctly spell the word, just in case)

  2. Oh how exciting! We live close to ASU so if you ever needed anything, or wanted to hang out with some married girl with a kid.. then I would love it!! How exciting!!

  3. You should have posted a picture of the flowers too!

  4. i know but i didn't have one :( i am a terrible blogger.