Thursday, March 11, 2010

South Africa

so i know i haven't posted nearly anything about south africa.... this post will be full of pictures. i'm sorry there are so many but it was so hard to choose just a few!!! if it were up to me, i'd post all the pictures from me, britt, nate, and robbie's camera! it was SOOOOOO beautiful there and i will DEFINITELY go back. :) (p.s. i'm not a master blogger like my sister or sister-in-law, but i did the best i could with this formatting... hopefully it translates over to the blog properly. if not, please forgive.)

yoga on table mountain. overlooking a huge canyon.

swimming with penguins. canoeing masters.

hiking to the edge. monkeys on the safari in the road.

hiking to waterfall bluff. at waterfall bluff (waterfall that goes directly into the ocean)

giraffes on the safari. water buffalo. i think we pissed him off....

fave group shot. overlooking capetown. 1-2-3 BUNGEE!! highest bungee jump in the WORLD.

elephant on the safari. Baboon PDA.

hippo on safari. group shot with our d-bag faces mid-hike.

hyena on the safari. i pet one!!!! gordon the penguin.

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