Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alex in Wonderland Wedding

here are some pictures from alex's beautiful wedding! i was the maid of honor and felt SOOOO honored to be apart of their special day!!! everything was beautiful and the reception was a BLAST!!! i brought tyler and lauren and sam and the four of us danced our hearts out!!!
the bride and her dad on their way down the aisle...

tyler and stacy before the ceremony. QUICK bragging sesh: i have the best boyfriend! he goes to all of my weddings with me and even though it isn't fun for him to sit around and wait for me to get ready, he still does it! lucky lucky LUCKY me!!!!

inside the gazebo where the ceremony took place

their dad and aunt teamed up to perform their ceremony. don't they all look so beautiful?!?!? compliments to sam who did hair AND make up!

the bridesmaids watching the ceremony

the bride and maid of honor

tyler and i dancing... we danced for like 3 solid hours! it was SO fun!

i also enjoyed the occasional female dance partner...

breakin' it down...

the bridal party together. stacy. jolie. courtney. amanda. and alex the bride in back.

their wedding was alice in wonderland themed decor which really made for some fun decorations! alex and her mom did a GREAT GREAT GREAT job in planning and executing such a beautiful wedding!


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  2. You look so beautiful you almost outshine the bride! But Alex looks lovely too. =)