Monday, September 20, 2010

emily's wedding!!!

so i think this is my last wedding for 2010... emily and brigham were married on friday, august 13th, 2010 in the San Diego Temple... way for me to go out with a bang with the last wedding of the year! their reception was SO awesome! the best way i could describe it is it was totally emily! some pictures:

brigham plays violin BEAUTIFULLY so he played a rendition (that he made up!) of "families can be together forever" (a popular mormon hymn) and "fools rush in" (by elvis).

The bridesmaids! i have to say one of my favorite parts about weddings is meeting the new friends! pam, lynae, emily, marly, and me!

emily and stacy

bouquet shot!
emily just looked SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for letting me be apart of your special day! everything was just perfect!!!! :) LOVE TO BOTH OF YOU!!!!