Wednesday, September 29, 2010

(for rach and tris) i got this funny email....

....and i HAD TO share it because it made me laugh so hard... (this is mainly for my sister & sister-in-law who will get the largest kick out of it)
10 Things Men Don't Say Enough:
10. "I hate to miss the game, but this floor could really use a good scrubbing."
9. "Why don't you buy a nice new pair of shoes to go with that outfit?" (these are like my DREAM words!!!)
8. "Let's rent a romantic movie. If I see one more car chase I'm gonna hurl."
7. "Yeah, I'm pretty tired, too, so let's just cuddle."
6. "Why can't they show real-looking women in those lingerie catalogs?"
5. "My thumns are getting tired. Would you mind holding the remote for a while?"
4. "I'm not sure we've seen enough of your family lately."
3. "You got enough blankets over there?"
2. "Sure, I'll be glad to hold your purse while you're standing next to this construction site."
1. "I'll love you forever, and I sure hope you know it!"


  1. I may be wrong, but I think gay men may say these things to each other quite frequently. lol. It's too bad it never works out for women to marry gay men. YOu know how things go when they get their big toes involved....(sigh, will that joke EVER get old?)

  2. when you find a guy who DOES say those things enough send him my way. i will search him for female genitalia.

  3. sorry, that was probably too crass. you can delete it.

  4. Greg said number four when he was trying to get me to my surprise party.

  5. that is very suspicious, rach....