Wednesday, September 1, 2010

updates on my life... (DISCLAIMER: this is WORDY!)

so MOST of you have probably already heard what's going on in my life through the grapevine but i'm ready to come out and say it myself!

but anyway, i have decided to go here:

to become one of these:

i have decided to do this in an FAQ fashion:

Q: So you’re not going to ASU?
A: No. I was originally going to go there because they were cheaper and I actually knew more people there but I have since changed my mind.
Q: Why aren’t you going to ASU anymore?
A: When I got my UA acceptance letter, I looked into it just for fun. Everyone there was WAY nicer (my counselor actually knows who I am as opposed to my ASU counselor who would respond to each email saying, “are you assigned to me? Because your ID number suggests you’re assigned to steve.” And I’d have to RE-explain that I was one of the students that got assigned to her while “steve” was on medical leave. Every. Freaking. Time.) I felt like just a number to ASU but UA has always tried SO HARD to help me get everything underway! I just felt so much better about UA.
Q: Soooo, why haven’t you left yet?
A: Originally I was scheduled to leave in August (2010). I decided to extend my stay in Murrieta and go to UA online for this semester. A few reasons why: 1. Tyler (boyfriend)’s Mission Papers don’t go in til October 1, 2010 which means he would still be here while I was there and I would either a. be in Murrieta, B. wanting to be in Murrieta, c. be on the phone with him in Murrieta, or d. devising a way to get to Murrieta. That seemed silly to me. 2. I had to take one more language class than originally anticipated and since I had taken the first 3 years through the MSJC program, I decided to finish it up. 3. I could continue to work here and save more money (UA IS DANG EXPENSIVE!). 4. Its what I wanted to do.
Q: When DO you leave?
A: First week in January. I’ve already turned in my notice and my last day of work is December 30th. I’m depressed about leaving my job.
Q: So do you know anyone in Tucsan, Arizona?
A: no.
Q: Aren’t you terrified?
A: yes.
Q: How will you get through?
A: The amazing support of my friends and family! THANK YOU TO ALL!!!


  1. Umm this is the most AMAZING blog post you've ever created! Thank you for all the answers!

  2. OH I'm SOO excited for you! I was just wondering all of these questions and am so glad you wrote this in FAQ form!

  3. Love the question and answer post! Very good way to explain it all! The cool thing is you will belong to a ward and you will have hometeachers and visiting teachers and all of the good things that come with belonging to a ward. You will have a ton of friends in no time!