Tuesday, October 12, 2010

LA County Fair...

so i can't really think of very many family traditions that we've had but one that MIGHT qualify (thoughts, siblings?) is our yearly trip to some sort of fair... we USED to go to the del mar fair every year growing up and now (even though we don't necessarily go together) i usually make it a point to go to either the del mar, LA county, or orange county fair. this year me, wes, and tyty went to the LA county fair. it also doubled as a branch activity which was awesome. it was a TON of fun. tyler wouldn't go on any rides with me because he said they weren't made for big kids. but i went on several. unfortunately, my real camera is already broken (got it 8 months ago. siiiigh.) so i only got a couple of cell phone pictures.

Wesley and i in front of the sham wow counter... they are SOOO convincing. even though i would have no need for a sham wow, i wanted to buy one just because they did so well at selling it!

we got to ride a real elephant!!! it was so much fun!

many many thanks to wes and tyler for coming with!!! i have so much fun spending time with wes. i have to capitalize on it now before he turns 18 and starts making his own decisions and has no time for me. LOVE YA, BUBBY!!!!!

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  1. You did NOT ride an elephant!!! How is this the first I am hearing of it?!