Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the old san francisco steakhouse...

so when i went to texas to visit my Bee eff eff brittini, we happend to go to a restaurant called "The Old San Francisco Steakhouse" in san antonio. if you're ever ANYWHERE near this place, GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was seriously one of the coolest places i've EVER been in my life! i totally want to start a restaurant in california just like this place! it was set in like 1800 wild west-era and it looked like it was straigt out of the movie tombstone!!!! totally saloon-style everything! they even had a live pianist playing saloon/ragtime music. it was SO NEAT. the COOLEST touch MUST have been this swing they had from the like 40 foot ceiling. the girl swung and swung on it SO HIGH that she KICKED a bell hanging down from the ceiling!!!!! THEN at the end of the song, she BACKFLIPPED OFF the swing, and LANDED on the BAR on her FEET!!!!!!!!!!! it was SO COOL! here is a quick video clip i got of the early swinging-stages...


i HIGHLY recommend you check this place out at: http://www.theoldsanfrancisco.com/index.html

check out their gallery and be jealous!!!

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