Monday, November 1, 2010


so i like halloween more and more as i get older because now i get to pick my costume. honestly i cannot remember ever picking my costume growing up. i probably would have wanted to be something boring anyway but whatever. tyler and i did two different costumes: one for friday night party and one for sunday night halloween candy handing-out-ing with tyler's brother and sister-in-law. here are some photos:
Cruella DeVille and Russell from "UP"
ANDREA D. from Belleza Salons did my hair... isn't she amazing?!?!?!?!?! (yes, it IS my real hair!!)
i was texting my sister (one of my favorite past times) and the boys started dancing all up on me. did i notice? no. we were discussing important things like cinnamon toast commercials. ah, the desensitization that comes with dating....

Costume # 2:
(five hair washes later)

tyler was a "cage fighter" and i was his trashy girlfriend.

love spending holidays with my boyfriend.