Monday, November 1, 2010


so i like halloween more and more as i get older because now i get to pick my costume. honestly i cannot remember ever picking my costume growing up. i probably would have wanted to be something boring anyway but whatever. tyler and i did two different costumes: one for friday night party and one for sunday night halloween candy handing-out-ing with tyler's brother and sister-in-law. here are some photos:
Cruella DeVille and Russell from "UP"
ANDREA D. from Belleza Salons did my hair... isn't she amazing?!?!?!?!?! (yes, it IS my real hair!!)
i was texting my sister (one of my favorite past times) and the boys started dancing all up on me. did i notice? no. we were discussing important things like cinnamon toast commercials. ah, the desensitization that comes with dating....

Costume # 2:
(five hair washes later)

tyler was a "cage fighter" and i was his trashy girlfriend.

love spending holidays with my boyfriend.


  1. Ahahah. 1. I love that he was the kid from UP. 2. the Cruella Dville costume was awesome. 3. You are wearing far to much clothes to be the white trash girlfriend. But still. FUN! We didn't get to wear our costumes.. we were on a cruise for Danny's work and I was gonna be Taylor Swift and Danny was gonna be Kanye West... but then smarter heads advised us that painting Danny's skin black could be considered racist... probably not the best move surrounded by a bunch of strangers... we were sad ;(. Love your costumes though :)