Thursday, January 13, 2011


i love to read. seriously. adore it. i think i always saw my sister reading growing up and it taught me to try and love it. also, my dad read to me and my sister EVERY NIGHT before going to bed til i was about 8 or 9. he very seldom missed a night! anyway, i am the type of person who waits for someone to recommend a book or i will do extensive research on it before i buy it to read it. however, a couple of months ago i was looking for a book that my barnes and noble didn't carry but while looking for it i came across this book:

the ONLY reason i purchased it is because i thought the cover just looked SO CUTE! what happened next totally surprised me: i couldn't put it down! it is a little embarrassing to admit but it is like the shopaholic meets murder mysteries! it is SO wonderful! so i decided to do some research on the author and found out that this book is number SEVEN of SEVEN! so i of course bought all of them and read them in 3 weeks and LOVED THEM ALL!!!!!!!! so anyone who is looking for an easy/fun read, GET IN THERE!!!! (but start with number one)


  1. Thanks for the tip- I HAVE been looking for a fun book series without any luck

  2. Do you have #1? Because put it in a pile with the first Georgia book, and lend them to me!

  3. Ok now I want to read these....I will have to wait until the school year is over though.....I have no free time when I am teaching seminary!