Monday, March 21, 2011

22 things i did this past year...

all in all i'd say age 22 was a pretty good age.
1. chopped all my hair off

2. sent 2 boys on missions (spence + tyty)

3. got additional callings in church

4. went to south africa

5. went bungee jumping on the world's highest bungee jump

6. expanded my book collection. a lot.

7. drank 3 times my weight in lemonade

8. participated in 2 weddings

9. saw off 3 moving best friends

10. visited britt in texas

11. read 19 books

12. facebook stalked religiously

13. visited many family and friends

14. fixed my own gas tank door thingy

15. frequented the zoo and WAP

16. purchased more shoes. way more.

17. graduated with 3 associates degrees

18. attended several baby and bridal showers, including that of my newest niece...

19. frequented chick fil a

20. attended University of Arizona for a semester

21. changed my hair color more times than i can count

22. purchased an iPhone

goal for 23? make it to 24. year siezed.

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