Tuesday, March 15, 2011


rachel h. and kendie d. threw me a surprise birthday party this past weekend.... i had NO idea!!! it was a total surprise!!! it was 80's themed in honor of my birth year and it was FANTASTIC! here are some picture highlights:
this is my adopted family... jeffy, cho, chichi, and garbear

one of the FABULOUS party planners, kendie.

the initial shock, caught on film

family, minus cho.

the two party planners

still shocked

my real family here to celebrate minus ken/tris/kids/spencer. they were there in spirit.

blowing out the candles

workin' the 80s.

HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to those who came and an even BIGGER thanks to those who helped execute it... it was seriously my most memorable birthdays EVER!!!!!!!!! :D i love you all!!!!!!!

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  1. You should post the just dance pictures! Was so fun.