Thursday, July 7, 2011


wow. SO beautiful. more beautiful than i ever could have imagined. more cold than i ever could have imagined. people were wearing shorts and flip flops in 47 degree weather. also, it is sunlight out side. sleep was not an option. but i took a nap each "night" (night time was like dusky) and held my head up high.

11:30 pm. Yes, PM. Night time. well into night time.
i went on a 38 mile canoe trip on the swanson river. it was amazing. i also almost got attacked by a mother moose who viewed me as a threat to her little guy who was stuck in a mud hole. don't worry, we were stuck on rocks and she was literally seconds away from jumping into the water and ending our careers in canoe-ing... and living.

okay so these moose weren't the threatened mum, but they WERE at a wildlife preserve which was awesome. I'd say i saw about 7ish "wild" moose just along the road and such. they were pretty rad. and much larger than i would have guessed. some other animals we stumbled across:
musk ox... there was one named stacy. she and i are BFF.
brown bear.
some of the "cool food" i tried:
reindeer dog. deep fried halibut (YUM). deep fried clams that i, myself, assisted in digging for. moose burger. VERY fresh alaskan clam chowder.

so much more. if you should desire to see more pictures, check out my fb. there are lots on there. i intend to post more entries with more pictures.

HUGE HUGE HUGE THANKS to Brittini and her family for hosting me and making it happen for me!!!! you guys are the BEST!!!


  1. unfortunately with no night there will be no vampires :(