Wednesday, July 20, 2011


so, it's official. after 4 podiatrists, its confirmed i need surgery on my left foot. apparently, one of my foot bones isn't attached to the rest of my foot so they have to go into the foot, put some metal screws in the bone to attach it to the rest of the bones, shave down the bunion that has formed as a protective barrier, straighten out my toe, then sew me up. i'll be "out" for 6-8 weeks but i should only be laid up for 1 or 2. i say 3 days. i bounce back, man. anyway, i request a steady dose of visitors, so be sure to schedule something with me.


  1. When is the surgery?? I'm glad that you found someone who can do it for you, finally!

  2. i will come with chik fil a in hand!
    And i will even feed it to you if necessary.

  3. What a hassel! Ben has a gnarly bunion on his foot too, but hasn't ever needed surgery. I hope you do bounce back! :)