Wednesday, August 24, 2011

more foot fun...

here is a BEAUTIFUL photograph of my foot. notice that the bone is free floating. doing as it pleases. obeying zero laws of.... bones.
they're going to cram that free-floating sucker back into alignment with my other bones by utilizing a metal screw, now available at a home depot near you.

places you will find me whilst on disability:
1. disneyland
2. rachel's house
3. tristen's house

places you will not find me:
1. the gym
2. driving a stick shift
3. the gym


  1. Ouch! My foot is starting to hurt in sympathy. :(

  2. You are moving in. I will feed you banana baby food.

  3. I'm so glad we made the list!! Come park it on our couch, any time! Stay a while!