Wednesday, August 31, 2011

veeeery important email.

so i got this email a couple of days ago and i just wanted to share it with the blogging world so you could all see how important i am:

Dear Professor Lawrence,

I hope you are well. I'm writing to you regarding WH Freeman's first edition majors intro biology text, How Life Works.
We are very interested in getting your feedback on how close we are to meeting the goals of our mission statement in 1) our table of contents and 2) our chapter manuscripts. If you teach the following content in your majors intro biology course, would you be able to participate in an online review for us?
Chapter 37: Animal Movement: Muscles and Skeleton

The honorarium for this review is $125 and will be due Monday, 9/5.

The following links are here to make your response easy:

If you are interested in this project or would like to be considered for future projects, please click the following link and provide us with your profile information. (Yes)

No, I am not interested in participating. (No)

Once we receive your profile information, I will send you an email with the review instructions.
If, due to your browser/security settings, the links above do not work in your browser, please email me at with your response.

Best regards,

Donna Brodman
Review Coordinator
WH Freeman Publishers

so i responded:
Dear Ms. Brodman,
I received this email in error as I have never been a professor of biology anywhere but in my dreams.


  1. Love your response. Did she write back?!

  2. Ditto rachel's comment. although I am a bit concerned that your dreams don't get more exciting than teaching biology.

  3. she did saying thanks for telling her and she's not sure how the mistake was made. Warnie, don't judge my dreams!!! <3 Stacy