Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the moment we've all been waiting for...

i finally crammed my surgery foot into a high heel!!! BIG news for this girl. this happened back in december but i am now announcing to the world that i am regularly applying heels (my minimum for a heel is 3 inches) to my wardrobe again! WOOOOT!!! here is the victory shot of the crammed foot. excuse the swell:

so, naturally i ordered one of these!!!

yes, i am in shoe heaven. i took a picture before all of the shoes were up because i don't want anyone to be able to see how many pairs i actually have. DON'T JUDGE ME!
so as with any collection, i get many FAQs:
where did you get this shelf?
how many pairs does it fit?
it SAYS 50, but i've gotten WAY more than that.
can i go shopping in your closet?
certainly. i'm always game to allow a borrower don my collection.