Thursday, March 1, 2012

plagiarism. (WARNING: rant)

today i had to turn in a (ridiculous) paper for my philosophy: introduction to ethics class. right before we turned the paper in, my professor went on a 7 minute (yes, i timed it. holla.) rant about plagiarism and how he caught 3 plagiarists in his other class and how wrong it was and blah, blah, blah.... don't get me wrong. i am a HUGE opponent of plagiarism. but I'm also a huge opponent of the fact that MY COLLEGE INSTRUCTOR IS STILL HAVING TO "REMIND" STUDENTS TO DO THEIR OWN WORK!!!! maybe this is a combination of several things that i hate about my school (sorry fellow school-mates, but the mount SUCKS these days.) but I'm seriously tired of getting into a college course and the first day is spent discussing that gum chewing is prohibited, cell phones are not allowed, and plagiarism is wrong... INEVITABLY the professor says, "does everyone know what plagiarism is? raise your hand. ))pretends to glance up at the vote he/she has just forced meanwhile ALL students are touching sky(( oooh, i see some people without hands up." then they continue to describe plagiarism in the most obscure way possible. no, plagiarism isn't taking someone else's ideas and writing about them necessarily. I'm sure most professors are even MORE frustrated that they (feel that they) have to explain this in every class and still get offenders. i just wish it was time for professors to say, "you know what? if they don't know what it is and they still do it, i can still flunk them because how did they make it thru 12+ years of education without knowing what plagiarism is."

in 8th grade my sister helped me out on a project on slavery. (i linked her blog so those who don't know her can see what an awesome writer she is and therefore understand that, with her as my editor, my project turned out awesome). everything was my original work. still, my teacher accused me of plagiarism (because, let's be honest, how could an 8th grader POSSIBLY know what an abolitionist is just thru research?! [yes, that was dripping with sarcasm]) wow. seriously insulting. luckily, mom called and set the lady straight so the points were re-applied and dignity was regained, etc. even luckier, my parents raised independent thinkers who could not be less interested in regurgitating the ideas of others in an attempt to cut corners.

i guess what I'm getting at is this: when can we all just agree to leave each others' words outta this and just move on with our lives?!

i guess i could have said that at the beginning and saved you all the trouble of gathering at my soapbox.

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